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March 27 2009 Crystal River Tripscrystal river florda Crystal River Florida Scuba Diving and Manatee Tours
Rainbow River drift snorkel or dive just minutes from their store, referred to as a Blue Ribbon Waterway, this site is simply fantastic. You drift down the river snorkeling or diving, their boat floats along with you, as you explore the rivers you will encounter many bubbling springs along the way. The river is clear as a swimming pool. Lots of fish and turtles with depths range for 10 to 25 ft; it is one of the clearest rivers in the US everything can be seen with the naked eye, to give you a clear picture of nature at its best.

puerto plata, dominican republicCaberete, Dominican Republic: Riding High on Wind and Wave!
Cradle, playground, and competitive arena to extreme water sport. A town whose boom has been fueled by air and water, Cabarete remains largely defined by its still-expanding ocean front life. Nothing much interrupts that devotion to the waves here: so even in a passing storm, water sport enthusiasts of every stripe hang out by the bars, sports shops and coffee bars lining the sands, waiting for the sun to break through pearl grey storm clouds before relaunching themselves onto the ocean.

puerto plata, dominican republicPuerto Plata, Dominican Republic, More Than Just A North Island City!

When flying into Puerto Plata, one can see why so many people fall in love with this beautiful place. There are miles and miles of sandy beaches, a luscious ocean, rolling mountains, and a green landscape that would make anyone’s heart smile. Landing at the airport, one is greeted in the arrival area with the sound of fun and danceable Salsa music, situated with a Spanish Quartet-happy musicians preparing one for their stay in this lovely land.

florida beachesPlaye Del Carmen, the Perfect Mexican Vacation on hte Mayan Riveria
Playa del Carmen, Mexico, a city situated between the more famous places, Cancun and Cozumel. Where Cancun is more an Americanize place, they have a hotel zone that you think you were in Miami or San Diego. Then Cozumel, the famous cruise ship port, this city always get an influx of hundreds and hundreds of tourist a day. Take a deep breath and get ready to experience a Mexican vacation, go to Playa Del Carmen and the cities along the Riveria Mayan coast.

florida beachesSky Diving Florida
The stage was set. My 18-year old nephew, R.J. would sky dive. As a high school graduation gift, I promised that I would escort him to partake in this bold activity. He traveled from New York to Florida, where he would take flight.

Family Fun in Grand Cayman
scuba diving stuart cove's aqua adventuresGrand Cayman is truly a family vacation spot. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone happy, and yes, if you just want to rest and relax by the pool or on the beach, you can do that too.

The Unforgettable Florida Beach Coast
scuba diving stuart cove's aqua adventuresSome may call it "the Forgotten Coast", but a visit to a section of Florida's Panhandle coastline will long be remembered. That section of coast referred to as "forgotten" stretches for about one hundred twenty miles between Panama City and Tallahassee from Mexico Beach to St Marks. It seems the area was omitted from a tourism map of Florida in the nineties. The local chambers of commerce of the affected counties gathered and dubbed their area as the "forgotten coast" and it stuck.

Fort Lauderdale Gets a Whole New Break
scuba diving stuart cove's aqua adventuresWithout losing any of its original vitality, the city of Fort Lauderdale has grown up and along the way become a sleek, dynamic oceanfront community. Gone are the days when this was a small provincial town attracting college revelers during spring break to the Fifties hit refrain of where the boys are.

Homosassa and Crystal River Area Scallop Tours
scuba diving stuart cove's aqua adventuresWhat is a Scallop? The text book definition says that a scallop is a member of the shellfish family known as bivalves, named for its two valves, or shells.

Stuart Cove's Aqua Adventures
scuba diving stuart cove's aqua adventuresWhen it comes to scuba diving, Stuart Cove's Aqua Adventures does not miss a beat. Owner Stuart Cove has years of unique experience in the field of scuba diving. His aptitude was first qualified when he was hired as a stunt diver for the film "For Your Eyes Only", James Bond's 1977 blockbuster film.

Florida's Upper Keys – Great Scuba Diving and Eco Friendly Tours
scuba divingKey West is the most far reaching Key, and a very familiar destination to countless travelers. Somewhat less talked about, but no less stirring, are the upper Keys. The upper Keys include the towns of Key Largo, Tavernier, Ocean Reef, Plantation Key, Long Key, Lower Matecumbe, and Islamorada.

Fishing Costa Rica
scuba divingThe Captain is known for his almost 100% hit rate, even after twelve years in business. Guests can be assured, Captain Tom has brought together a high level crew, with years of experience, including First Mate R.J. Lilly, and 2nd mate, Douglas Martinez Serrano. Together, they have provided countless numbers of enthusiastic travelers a chance to catch the big fish of the Pacific coast.

Sailing Away... Key West, Florida
scuba divingToday a visit to Key West, for great many travelers, includes lying on the beach, and drinking margaritas. Some, however, are more fortunate. They sail away on the Schooner Reef Chief, a 65-foot wooden boat, built in the fashion of the American classic sailboats. The vessel transports seafarers to another world of wild abundance. The far-reaching sea becomes close at hand. Some choose to lounge on the deck of the boat, others take to the unforgettable fishing.

Hal's Forty Fathom Grotto
scuba divingHal’s grotto actually began as one of Florida’s infamous sinkholes. A sinkhole, is, in essence, a large depression in the ground, resulting from a collapse of the underlying bedrock. According to the Florida Sinkhole Research Institute (FSRI), “In Florida, because of the unique geologic and hydraulic conditions, sinkholes appear almost everywhere, especially in the Central Florida region.

North Beach Windsurfing School
wind surfing schoolLocated in Tampa Bay, Florida, North Beach Windsurfing School teaches and assists all levels of windsurfers. From those just testing their skill, to those who want to progress to the next level, Britt and his staff will put all their energy into equipping each visitor with the techniques and skills to become an excellent windsurfer.

Ocala Horse Farm
ocala horse farm, ocala florida, ocala, florida, ocala carriage, ocala carriage and tours, fort lauderdale,, carriage, trolley wagonThe philosophy of “love what you do and you never have to work a day in your life” fits for Mary Garland, the owner of Ocala Carriage and Tours based in Ocala, Florida. Mary has a passion for horses that started when she was six years old on her grandfather’s ranch. Originally, she came to Florida with no intention of getting into the horse business.

Gator Park
Gator ParkEveryone has heard of the Everglades. Most people know that it’s an endangered environment. Even so, we all need to experience the beauty of the place and learn of the good that it does us in Florida and beyond in order to ensure that we don’t loose sight of its importance.

Nassau, The Bahamian Way
bimini museum, marlin, swordfish, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, bonefish, souvenirs, hotels, bimini beach club, big game clubThere are many interactive options for adventure in Nassau. Swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Encounter, home of Flipper, or stay dry on the Seaworld Explorer, a “semi-submarine”, which actually floats above water, but offers a large undersea observatory, placing callers five feet below the surface. It turns out to be a perfect location to view rays, turtles, barracuda, and even sharks.

Kayaking in Cocoa Beach
Florida TourismI certainly never imagined that Cocoa Beach could offer such an experience, until I learned of Cocoa Beach Kayaking Guided Nature Tours. Their tour has it all…a great tour guide, easy paddling, scenic rivers, and best of all, great wildlife.

Surfing Cocoa Beach
Parrot Jungle Island, Parrot Jungle, South Florida, Dade County, Watson Island, Miami, Dade, Franz Scherr
I grew up on the beach and never had the opportunity to surf. Today, at 44 years old, I took my 16 year old nephew for surfing lessons with Nex Generation Surf School. I couldn’t let my nephew have all the fun, so I joined in.

Froggies - Key West, Florida
Parrot Jungle Island, Parrot Jungle, South Florida, Dade County, Watson Island, Miami, Dade, Franz Scherr
We spent about 30 minutes with the Bottlenose dolphins. It was small pod of about 2 - 3 putting on the show for us. They seemed to enjoy our company. Froggies has the only glass bottom boat in Key West.

Snorkeling Vacation in Key Largo
Parrot Jungle Island, Parrot Jungle, South Florida, Dade County, Watson Island, Miami, Dade, Franz Scherr
When thinking about going to Key Largo, Florida what do you think about doing? I hope its snorkeling, because Key Largo and the Florida Keys have some of the best snorkeling in the world.

Sunshine River Tours - The Marvel of Manatees
Homosassa Springs State Park is one of the few places where you can be guaranteed to see manatees year-round. It has an underwater observatory, which provides a great viewing opportunity without getting wet; you can get within inches of a manatee!

Costa Rica Scuba Diving
Scuba diving in Costa Rica has become popular in the last few years with it's virgin never before explored dive areas. New facilities along the pacific coastline are now offering first class dive boats and fully stocked dive shops. There has been sightings of whale sharks up to 35 feet long on numerous occasions, as well as, spinner dolphin, humpback whales, pilot whales, orcas, false killer whales and schools containing hundreds of Mobulas and thousands of cow-nosed rays.

Napels Water Tours
More than a tour, it’s definitely an Adventure TourLiving in Ft. Lauderdale on the east coast of Florida, I don’t make much of an effort to travel to the west coast. This time, though, I wanted to do something different, along with a friend of mine. We decided to take the Naples Water Tour Company adventure tour out of Naples, Florida.

"Ray of Hope" Adds to Bahamian Reefs
Nassau, Bahamas - Continuing the great cooperation between Government and the Private sector, the Port Authority of Nassau has released the 200-ft vessel “Ray of Hope” to Stuart Cove’s for sinking as an artificial reef.

Kayaking in Fort Lauderdale Florida
The Full Moon Paddle is a moonlight tour around the canals of Ft. Lauderdale. This tour started 6 years the name provided the inspiration for the company name; The Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale History Tour takes you around the backyards of the homes in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale where you can learn a little bit about the city's history and residents, past and present.

The Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River
I paddled toward the three small gators only to notice the eight-foot mother gator sunbathing next to her babies! I was able to drift slowly and quietly to within ten feet of the mother and babies. I slowly pulled out my camera to get a close up shot of the family.

Florida Keys Dive Center
Over the past 20 years Florida Keys Dive Center has proven to be one of the top dive centers in the Florida Keys. Tom and Pam Timmerman made a commitment to offer great family fun while receiving a quality dive education.

A Day In Florida City
If you are traveling to the Florida Keys, you may want to stop in Florida City on your way. Florida City has plenty to offer, like some of the best hiking, biking, and roads to the Everglades National Park. Florida City has many options for unique local food and fantastic shopping.

Wild About Dolphins
"Journey to the Dolphin Playgrounds, snorkel coral reefs and explore the backcountry of Key West." At Wild about Dolphins, you can experience the natural world of the wild dolphins of the Florida Keys.

Natural Born Adventure
One gorgeous Florida day spent with Captain Don Draper and his family will resonate for a lifetime. It was obvious from the start; Don Draper has a passion, a passion for life. A passion especially for life in the ocean!

Florida's East Coast
The East Coast of Florida may not be on many travelers’ list of “Places to Visit in my Lifetime”, YET! To a wide range of audiences the east coast of Florida means Daytona Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world. An increasing number of adventurers, though, are finding reason to visit this area, rich in ecological and historical diversity.

Parasailing in Key Largo Florida
Flying 300 feet above the Keys and Florida Bay was an amazing adventure. The breathtaking views were more beautiful than words can describe.

Caribbean Watersports - Enviro-Tours: Florida Bay
Everglades National Park is a unique place to visit. The crystal clear, blue waters of the Florida Keys provide the perfect atmosphere to spot Dolphins, Manatees and Seahorses among the Mango trees of Florida Bay.

Bimimi, Bahamas Wild Dolphin Swim
One day we had perfect weather in the dingy and the Trimarine. It was beautiful with flat seas and perfectly crystal clear water. In the morning we waited to see if the dolphins would come around the big boat while we snorkeled.

Sawgrass Recreatinal Park
Looking for a taste of Florida's history, wildlife and natural beauty? Sawgrass Recreational Park brings it all to you in one exciting visit.

Dan Brewster launches South Florida's Unique Nature Tours
Motorcycle touring is all about the adventure of the ride according to Dan Brewster who recently launched South Florida's Unique Nature Tours.

Captain Slate's Atlantis Dive Center
Every Friday morning, the team at Captain Slate’s Atlantis Dive Center sets out with a group of visitors to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for Captain Slate’s world famous "Creature Feature" adventure dive.

Under the Sea with Ocean Promotion
Having been an avid snorkeler for many years, I didn't imagine the transition to scuba diving to be much of a change. Fortunately, I was wrong I've never enjoyed the beauty beneath the sea so much!

Exploring the Everglades with Captain Sterling
There they were, four of them swimming together and seemingly conducting a little show for us as one would do the occasional jump and dive. “So much for the idea of jumping not being a natural dolphin behavior!” exclaims Captain Sterling.

Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys
You're entranced by the crystal clear bluish green water and you find your mind drifting. You notice how the color is reflected in the small clouds above you.

Costa Rica's Scuba Diving Pioneer
Many dive sites have yet to be explored. Slipping through these waters, divers may be lucky enough to see species with names as colorful as spinner dolphins, pilot whales...

Skydive Key West with Skylar
When we opened the door, it was windy and noisy suddenly; Skylar didn’t like that at all and I had a doubt as of whether I wanted to go through with the jump.

Orlando Dive and Snorkel
Swim with the Manatees in the Orlando area. They are gentle and slow-moving. Most of their time is spent eating, resting, and in travel. Manatees are completely herbivorous.

Kayaking in the Keys
Floating on the sea was glorious. As we practiced our paddling and got comfortable moving through the clear bay water, the sun shone down to illuminate the ocean floor.

Meet Phil Sekora and his wife Melanie of Big Red Balloon
Flying in a balloon is so gentle and peaceful that one feels like you are standing on a very stable platform as the world moves around you.

Meet Captain Spencer Slate, Dive Operator - Key Largo, FL
Key Largo is a great place to visit on vacation, as the island has its fair share of colorful and interesting people. Captain Slate, the owner of Atlantis Dive Center, is one of those people.

Meet Randall Rush Dive Instructor - Miami, FL
Learn what inspired him to make a video teaching divers to be environmentally conscious.

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